The Black Arrow

Edizioni EL – 2014

Series: Classicini

Recommended reading age: 7+

Illustrations by: Alessia Martusciello and Alberto Pizzetti

ISBN 978-8847730823

La freccia nera - Tommaso Percivale

The first arrow

arrived on a windless afternoon.

Black like the night, like hunger, like death.

No one knew who had fired it.

No one knew it was the first of four.

Castello - Tommaso Percivale

Dick is a young knight who has a great desire to prove himself. He lives in a time of wars, betrayals and heroes. It is a time of promise for those that have guts, and full of dangers for those that hold justice in their hearts.

Dick a cavallo - Tommaso Percivale

I had four arrows in my belt

Sharp enough to frighten.

There are four because we want to strike

Those who once made us suffer.

The first has already gone /p>

to Appleyard, the old but fierce one.

For Bennet, it will be even swifter,

he who burned down Grimstone.

The third is for Sir Oliver, the assassin,

who killed Harry Shelton, the poor thing.

The fourth, quite right, is for Sir Daniel,

who deserves far worse than striking down.

For every black heart, a black arrow;

this is where true justice is done!

John the Executioner

and his merry band.

L'assassino - Tommaso Percivale